7770 Invicta Lane

New Kent, VA 23124

(across from New Kent Elementary)


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A new kind of childcare for New Kent County!

At Stay & Play, we recognize that childcare needs often cannot be defined by a work week.  Why pay for a whole week if you don’t need it?  Stay & Play was built on the idea of providing childcare when you need it – even to go out on a Friday or Saturday night!  We provide high-quality childcare at an hourly rate, so that you can custom design your childcare to fit the needs of your family.  We are here if you need us for two hours a month or ten hours a day.



Monday - Friday: 6:30am to 7:00pm (reservation required after 6pm)
Friday Evenings: 6:00pm to midnight (by reservation only)
Sunday: Available for rent for private parties


Infant (6 weeks to 15 months): $8.95 an hour
Toddler (16 months to age 3): $7.95 an hour
Child (3 years to 12 years): $6.95 an hour
Additional child in same family: $3.95 an hour
Meals: $3.50 each (Weekly menu posted at front desk)
Before/After School care (includes breakfast): $75 weekly  
Please ask our staff about how our weekly rates work!